Big words, Smart way of Using it. Or rather make you sound smart.


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The-Ben-Saurus Usage? What it could mean; a Really suspicious Australian.

  1. That Auspicious guy must be from Australia, cause’ he spoke in a Australian Accent, do keep an eye out for him!


well, this is what it really means.

1. promising success; propitious; opportune; favorable: anauspicious occasion.
2. favored by fortune; prosperous; fortunate.

Well! happy new year to everyone in this coming auspicious year!



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[ster-ee-uh-tahyp, steer-]

The-Ben-Saurus usage?

  1. Stereotyping is typing with two hands, mono-typing is with one hand.

Thrown at me a while back, but what good way to start this blog up again with this word!
Welcome back to the world of Thebensaurus!


Note: i’ll try to use this word as much as i can do today and see the responses i’ll get from the people around me.
so do continue to throw me big words!


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Well, here it is! someone has been bugging me about this everytime when i talk about thebensaurus.
Smile, and be ready for Mediocrity!



The-Ben-Saurus usage?

  1. That girl looks average to me, but you can say she is mediocrity.
  2. Stop throwing any mediocrityfying comments at me!

If i did not know the meaning i would think that Mediocrity is:
 “Mediopretty” pretty but not too pretty, average looking but not too average. so mediocrity is a term that mashes both of that together.
Simply meaning. ok ok kinda pretty but in a mash potato form.

The Dictionary Meaning?

  • the state or quality of being mediocre.
  • mediocre ability or accomplishment.

I guess the root word is mediocre. look it up! 

Sorry, kinda been busy lately. and this is best of what i can come up for Mediocrity. but hey! stay tune for the next bensaurus post! 

which is gonna be “Tempered Mental” so yeah, stay tune!